The view from WRAP

  • The circular economy revolution

    By: Dr Ian Garner Posted: 3 Jun 2013
    The idea of thinking of our economy as a circular process is taking on greater global importance and I’m delighted that Northern Ireland is right in the middle of this debate. The simple fact is we just can’t continue to use and dispose of our resources as we do now. If we do, then by 2050 we will need at least three times more material resources - and 70% more food - just to maintain the status...
  • A helping hand for your community and its environment

    By: Dr Ian Garner Posted: 19 Apr 2013
    It’s that time of year again - WRAP Northern Ireland is pleased to announce the latest round of the Rethink Waste Revenue Fund aimed at increasing resource efficiency in Northern Ireland. Continuing the Rethink Waste Revenue Fund this year reflects the success of many projects in making Northern Ireland more resource efficient since the Department of the Environment (DOE) introduced the Fund...