Cross-market data


This section of the data portal provides information that is relevant to all sectors of the recovery and recycling market.

The current highlights and trends are:

Crude oil prices

Brent crude prices continued to increase during May, June and July 2018, at one point reaching £60 per barrel They currently stand at nearly £58 per barrel. The average price during 2018 so far has been almost £51 per barrel.

UK electricity prices

UK electricity prices have fluctuated over the past 4 months and currently stand at £64 per MWh, the highest price seen since rates hit nearly £195 per MWh in March 18. 

Cotton prices

Cotton prices have slowly climbed over the past few months and now fetch 69p  per pound compared to 57p in April. 


US Dollar rates declined from 1.40 against the Pound in April 2018 to 1.33 against the pound in June 2018 

Euro to Sterling rates remained at around £1.14 against the Pound. 

The Chinese Yuan increased to 6.41 against the Dollar,  the highest rate seen since January 2018