Resource Maps for fruit and vegetables

June 2011

This research highlights the extent to which fresh fruit and vegetables are wasted or lost in the UK’s food supply chain. It is estimated that about £400-£500 million could be saved through commercial improvements based on the recommendations outlined in this report. 

Click here to download the report - fruit and vegetable resource maps (1688 kb)

This study has been conducted to quantify the level of loss and waste of fruit and vegetables before they reach consumers, through the retail and wholesale supply chain. Furthermore, the study determined how, where and why the product was wasted.

Eleven fresh produce types were selected based on their consumption levels, post-harvest physiology and management. The 11 products chosen were strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, onions, potatoes, cabbage, turnip, citrus, avocados and bananas; these being representative of fresh produce categories consumed in the UK. The research focused on the retail and wholesale supply chains from field (UK grown products only) to final (retail) customer.  

By identifying how, where and why the products are wasted, these resource maps have enabled the identification of where technology and better management practices can be used to develop more resource efficient strategies within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.       

Other WRAP Resource Maps are available here.