Retailer support for switching to peat alternatives

The Natural Environment White Paper outlines the need to phase out peat in the horticultural sector.    

The Sustainable Growing Media Taskforce (SGMTF) was established to identify how the industry could sustainably achieve this and reported its conclusions in June 2012.

The final report of the SGMTF detailed several key actions to move the industry towards a more sustainable future, including the use of sustainability criteria to measure the impacts of all raw materials. 

Before any sustainability assessment can be made, retailers and manufacturers will need to know which raw materials are included in a bag of growing media. It is also important that retailers understand the environmental, ethical and economic impacts of each of these raw materials. 

Responsible manufacturers and retailers will have the option to choose raw materials with lower impacts for their growing media products. Reducing peat content is likely to remain a key strategy for reducing impacts.

This WRAP funded project seeks to raise retail staff's awareness of the different components in a bag of growing media; to instigate and support retailer initiatives to understand what is in their supply chain; and support the reduction of peat in their growing media.  

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