Using recycled content paper in magazines

Nick Mazur, Deputy Chief Executive, at the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) says:

“A number of PPA members are already using recycled content fibre magazine paper within their title portfolio and it will be interesting for the wider industry to be able to assess these case studies and share this experience. Magazines with their near-virgin fibre already play a key role within the recycling process, fuelling the manufacture of recycle-content newsprint. There are many potential applications for recycled content within the industry and the purpose of this project is to provide clear guidance to allow publishers to make informed choices.”

Review of opportunities and potential barriers to using recycled content magazine paper

Designed to provide clear guidance and allow publishers to make informed choices about the use of paper with recycled content in the magazine industry WRAP commissioned a project to investigate the opportunities, barriers and effects of using magazine paper with recycled content for a range of publications. 

'A Review of Opportunities and Potential Barriers to Using Recycled Content Magazine Paper’ details how only a small fraction of the 1 million tonnes of paper used each year for magazine publishing has any recycled content. Whilst the collection and reprocessing of magazines from pre- and post-consumer sources are efficient and collection volumes are increasing, this work explores the scope of the magazine industry to use paper with recycled content.

This study concluded that there are many opportunities where papers with recycled content would be suitable.