"WRAP's work is world leading" academics tell House of Lords inquiry

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee D - Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy is conducting an inquiry into the EU's contribution to food waste prevention

On 8 January food waste academics Professor Tim Benton and Professor Charles Godfray gave their thoughts…and have highlighted how important WRAP’s work in this area is. 

Professor Tim Benton, Professor of Population Ecology and UK Champion for Global Food Security at the University of Leeds “WRAP has been absolutely world leading in changing the thinking and culture in the UK and it is certainly starting to make an impression across Europe”.

He went on to say… “I would say the work that WRAP has done has been absolutely world leading in starting to get to grips with the reliability of the data.  Certainly, the household food waste surveys that WRAP has done that have involved 1,800 households diaries, and that sort of sampling in on part with our national diet and nutrition survey...”

Professor Charles Godfray, Hope Professor & Director, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, University of Oxford informed the committee that “The organisation WRAP stands out in Europe”

A transcript of the evidence can be found on the parliamentary website 

Further information on WRAP’s work on reducing food waste can be accessed here.